Being Kenyan

Being Kenyan, I can say is being a hustler.
Yaani, a Kenyan can live anywhere. There are many setbacks everywhere and bad things can happen, but they end up helping us instead of stopping us.
So you can survive anywhere, you see? So a Kenyan according to me is a SURVIVOR, someone aggressive.
MITI (Kalamashaka)

There are fewer words that so aptly describe the heart of being a Kenyan.


2 thoughts on “Being Kenyan

  1. I totally agree with you. Being Kenyan is about being a hustler…. the world thinks we’re some timid folk but that perception is exactly what we’re going to change….

    Keep hustling girl.

  2. Nowadays, when people ask me who i am , i say that I am Kenyan, and no, i no longer focus on whether others have an idea what that means. The truth is that i know and i will carry my roots proudly. I realise now that i have always known, now I have to stand by the thought.

    Two, hustling was a foreign concept. Until you are a foreigner in someone else’s country, you never understand what it means to enter the system and not only survive, but thrive and carry on stronger.

    Three, there is no prouder Kenyan girl!!!

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