Traditional Woman

There’s something very satisfying about cooking chicken pilau for your family members. Even though i am miles away from the nuclear, i went back to the days of Royco and Bizari this week.

I began the break swearing off any language native to the land i reside in now. Maybe i was tired of the nasal twang, or the constant display of noodles at the deli line this past semester. Regardless of these, i was glad to don the ‘patapata’ and ‘leso’ and walk into the kitchen here to cook those dishes i had been salivating over during Statistics and whose aroma i hallucinated about in Economics.

It was me and the pilau masala and the black pepper altogether walking onto the friar. I remembered watching Amma do the meal in record time, possibly half an hour for a whole preparation. I wanted the meal to be perfect for the evening ahead. So i revelled in onion and tomato-cutting heaven as i sizzled and stewed the ‘pilau’ to life.

And there was the smile at the end of the day as the people appreciated the meal and i licked my fingers in anticipation of the coming delight. So that’s why we Kyuk mamas have round happy figures? This food we are taught to love smells good.

Today it was my absolute favourite thing in the world, Ug and Greens…crunchy cabbage in a bed of its own succulent juices served with my very own masterpiece white Ug! Joy, bliss and wait for it…some Mala needed. I think they call it buttermilk here. I want to do this for the rest of my life. Forget Uni…i will cook and eat Ug till i am 60.

So i won’t tell you about the weekend, and the roasted succulent cuts, served with Ug and Kales. I want to do this forever. So if only the break would last forever alreday and this moment would have my palate satisfied..and oh(deep sigh) I can now rest happy.

I want to be the traditional homemaker. I want to make food from scratch and show my love culinary style. I do not want to be the liberated woman who cannot cook, or sew. or anything. I want to see the satisfied look on my man’s face after a shared meal that i cooked… African Woman is a quality woman.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Woman

  1. My goodness! You got my mouth watering like crazy. I had no idea that you could cook. And in a lesso. You are a true Kenyan chic. I’m amazed.

    I would say more but your description has got my mouth watering. I’m rushing off to have dinner. And yes, I’m having Ugali

  2. i want every meal that i enjoy to reflect the beauty of the culture and backgrond that i am from. There is no other way to describe the attachment that i have with the home area and its dishes. I think Chapatis are heaven on earth and to prove it i just acquired my very own pin and instructions on how to pika them. After all the boys always did say they would only introduce me to mother if them Chaps were on point. There are other palate-related things however…i smile on

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