archives, my first impressions, one year later

Arrivederci. I begin by saying goodbye. I use a language I speak not a word of to describe an event that I did not realize  I was a part of…saying farewell to who I was and becoming a new creature soon to be called, ‘CHILD OF NO WORLD’ I remember Redsan’s song, ‘Kenyan!’ which I thought was referring to some obvious fact. I mean, a song about Kenyans sung to Kenyans, by a Kenyan? The height of redundancy was the first thought that crossed my mind. After all we are the sons and daughters of this land we call home. So I said silent farewells to the land that has breastfed, potty-trained and initiated me into adulthood.
      I entered the world of the Amerikajin. The continent of a thousand original nationalities, where I acquired a new name, black woman. I watched and laughed at the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I was so far away from that title that I could afford a chuckle or three. Then I entered college just a few days later. Uncommonly interestingwas the way in which the sensitivities were on  the forefront. People would ask me if I was from Africa, then when I would reply in the affirmative, they would comment, ‘oh I have many  friends from Nigeria,’ and grin knowingly(stupidly in my opinion) but it was stil the early days, and I was quick to correct  the less informed in the area that I was actually from East Africa. It was often lost on them that it was like calling the East Coast a stone’s throw from California.
       I saw the faces of all shades of colour and my nose unwillingly got exposed to the noxious trailing suspicion of those questioning eyes running along my ample thighs and those ears straining to hear where my ‘weird’ accent was from. Are you an immigrant? That was asked with the best of the intended fellow feeling and it landed in my ears sounding like a mumbled version of the song ‘I’m an alien…I’m a legal alien, and a black woman walking through’

How low will we go? Check out Yahoo! Messenger’s low

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