Personal input…Awesome

i promised myself one thing. I would write a few words on the bus ride. So i did

That i would strive to be honest in my opinion
And in all things to do the thing i can.
I want to put in my thoughts on Blogger and LJ…and all these other diaries all at once.

Yet reveal nothing and everthing at the same time.

Yesterday was a God-incidence.
Tyre got slit after lunch,
slow speed, daylight, had already had lunch, Called a friend who just happened to be home, And she checked the Yellow pages and the Net too.
We were right next to a Firestone dealer,
who was just about to close,
Helped to find the place by a Good Samaritan who knows the place well,
Whose manner was disarming, and smile charming
We had a guy, who knew how to change form tyre to donut tyre

Truly awesome

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