Rocky Horror Picture Show


For a movie that premiered in late September 1975,only to flop at the first Box Office release, this show has defied the critics and stands out as one of the most watched and performed movies to date. Yes, it is not only, a movie-oke type of experience. RHPS is also an audience thriller where the audience re-tells the story over and over every time it is performed in what one Louis Farese, a Rocky pioneer calls ‘counterpoint dialogue’

Last Saturday, I had the unique opportunity to be a virgin, meaning, somebody who has never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, hereon referred to as the RHPS. Saturday was April Fools’ Day 2006, thirty years to the date when it first took over the midnight showing at the Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village, a known midnight movie place.

There was a firewall in the large number of similar novices, alright, I will say it, virgins. So I chickened out and sat down, but from then on, I was thrilled by the excitement of the audience and the fact that this was a movement, not just another flick at midnight. By movement, I mean we did stand up and sit and step to the left and put feet on the right and yell out to the now famous characters over and over.

Like many novices, I felt like I was an outsider. Indeed, there are clear characteristics of a RHPS-holic, notably, the aversion to dress up in show cast get-up, the knowledge of the very first lines, including, “Buy an umbrella, you cheap…..”, to the sl-heroine(sic) Janet. The show was preceded by the pre-show highlights, where the Trannies(maybe you know them as ushers in theaters elsewhere), led a select virgin sample group to the ritual where they learned the words to the now famous lines said to Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, and participated in the marshmallow version of the same. Kudos! to the Trannsylvania Nipple Company for their intro.

Little can be said about the innuendo, intended or unintended, or the fact that the one you bring may be the one that you intend to ahem…dare I say, recreate Rockin’ Horror with? All in all, the show is one not to be frequented by the faint hearted, rather, carry your props, your untrained voices and your team spirit…And don’t forget your newspaper.

Buyer Beware. The RHPS is highly addictive, so watch yourself later laugh over that line the previously quiet your-mom’s-age lady said, tickle the guy or girl you met at the theater and share a knowing wink with people as you walk out. Check out the stats and anecdotes at the official RHPS website, and for Pete’s sake don’t think you can just watch the version on video, or now, on fancy disk, rather, get out with ten or fifteen of your friends and see the magic recreated on another midnight like the April Fools’ and I don’t mean next year.


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