I am the product of the places I have lived in. The hearts of friends near and far who continue to inspire me to love and service. Here is the tribute to you.

I think there is something rewarding in the yarns of time. Consider the people who you went to pre-school, the famous kindergarten crew, and the primary school too. Whether you the first-body in the class or were you the teacher’s pet, you were part of the classes I took way back when.

Either way that you look at the past years, you can only remember the friends that you made along the way. I remember finding my tiny notebook from when I was six, where I had listed Muha, as the love of my life. Don’t ask me which one of the 300 plus yearmates he was, as i know not. I also remember the way that I wanted to have a new name so I changed the ones in the birth certificate at least in my mind for a while. For example from Ritah to Ritah-Marie and so forth.

I remember the kids who came to school with me for all years in primary and the ones who left for other countries and even worse, left for abroad. Yes, abroad, the mystery place where there are fewer things to occupy ones imagination than the distance. Goodness! It might as well have been Never Never Land, that place made famous in the adventures of Peter Pan.

Still there are those friends who stand out in time, who make every smile worthwhile. Now that I am older and there are more than just time zone differences between me and my nearest and dearest I think that there will never come a time when I will feel closer to the peopole around me.This is our time, now.

I am 1/2 of relationships, created by minds alike and apart, but still one. Thanks friends, for the times that you give me joy. That means always, whether you are near or far, and there are many happy days ahead for us.


3 thoughts on “1/2

  1. where is this doghouse?
    I was talking about being 1/2. 1/2 of some other person’s life…There is no doghouse there.

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