Cousin K

Me and K lived not five minutes apart at age 3 and 4 respectively, which made playtime easier. We went to each other’s birthday parties and even attended the same school at one time.

We are kindred cousins and he is 21 today. I wish i could fly over and surprise him, having reached this milestone and all. Nevertheless, i remember what it means to be in the same country, as we are and i must dedicate this blog to the cousin who makes me remember the days of back when, who dared me to dive underwater and helped me overcome the fear of the deep water.

Can i remember times when we were separated, Sure! When he was in the land Down Under and i was over in the sunny Green City we were connected by the occassional email and went to great lengths to send exorbitantly priced text messages.

I thank God for having seen me fit to have such a wonderful cousin, indeed more like a brother and a friend.

Have a slab of Chocolate cake on me sweets!


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