Ni Ijumaa/Friday!

today the sun is shining and there are birds waiting in line to sing and give thanks to the Almighty, so many blessings given so far to me.

Friday has always been very special for me just because it was the day that i wouldn’t have to take an afternoon nap, in class 1 and 2.(remember the fights over nap time) It was also the last day when i had to take a nap before i came of age not to have to take naps after school(Yipee!) Now i see the work that we do all day even on Friday and think to myself, can’t somebody just tell me to take a nap.

“Concentration, application, names of ‘Good things about Friday’ please. For example, icecream, for example, free swimming, for example, watermelons, for example, mangoes, for example, late night TV.” I chuckle as i remember the games we used to play when we were younger and the tears are beckoning behind my ears as i await the next reminiscing time.

It is not the day to think of tall tales and things to write. It is Friday, I am wearing Neon Blue and having fun.


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