African hospitality

Whenever you go to visit an African home, here are things that you must find in abundance, sweet hot tea and warmth.

Having lived in the US for almost a year I can count the number of times i have felt genuinely welcomed. Maybe the East Coast is not the place to look for the streetwalk greetings and communal atmosphere that i grew up with.

Mostly i do not mind. I just always have to remember not to think of the people here like they are African. What this means is that i have to remember that not everyone will.

-Greet me with a genuine smile(i dont even need to see teeth)
-Offer me anything, except banter for conversation
-See my smile for what it is worth, a real glimpse into a happy life, fulfilled,enriched and open for the sharing.

Maybe i judge people too harshly. I am yet to go to the South, whose people are very different.

I am happy to say that there are gross exceptions to this rule.
Not everybody wants to be the cold Easterner…


One thought on “African hospitality

  1. Well it is true that Southern folk do tend to be a whole lot warmer then people in the rest of the country but they still don’t measure up to African hospitality.

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