Celebrating the First Day of the Summer

Celebrating the first day of the summer, at least officially.

I have problems with the fact that this is my first summer. I don’t mean that I want to be elsewhere, or that I have never been in the hot sun before. No. What I see is a fabulous temperature, much like Nairobi in December and the humidity allows me no rest. Guess what pals told me after I whined about the heat wave that we have just gone through, “Suck it in and take it like an African” I was stunned but calm to some extent. It is true that our ‘country’ Africa is hot and humid and jungle like. Where else but abroad do some people get away with assuming this?

I sit here wondering what to wear. That seems to be the bane of my existence: thinking of what to wear and what to eat. I wonder how I ever thought  would get away with a lifetime of following fashion trends, as most Nairobi ladies tend to do. Just the other day I was looking at the summer fashions as I attempted some seasonal shopping.  I marvelled the many people in the US who seem to set a trend every time they step out of the house. There seems to be a very individualistic interpretation of whether it is summer or spring. And one doesn’t want to follow every other person who has a trend on their mind, especially at the risk of looking <i>’Kaariko'</i>(also interpreted here as being<i>fresh</i>.

Today, there is no doubt as to what it is, summer at last.We don’t have to dress up for the office. Techies are usually required to be as comfortable as we are and we take full liberty to be as laid back as we can in the dress department. This is akin to getting away with murder, almost . Working at home required dressing with formality and the shirt and tie apparently got lost as i came over here. For me today and every other day isn’t just a dress down Friday, it is dress down every day of the week!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the First Day of the Summer

  1. Yay to summer. Nay to humidity. Yay to dress down. I like it that I don’t have to dress up for my work. As to how to beat the heat, a dip in the cool waters of ponds around the area after some serious exertion on the bike taking me there!

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