Lone Buff Guy At The Gym

So the thing that gets me every time that I am trying the gym thing is the lone buff guy in the gym. I mean, he obviously knows that he is fit, toned and regularly muscled for life, so why does he persist in torturing me while I work out.

Not that it is any business of mine why he comes in and, i could almost swear, uses every single piece of equipment that the gym has to offer. He treads, then spins, then lifts free weights and then uses the set weights, then stretches, then jumps, then crunches. And, you might ask, what am i doing? I am trying to build up to a cardio workout that is unmerciful to my lungs and the muscles in my upper body. I am reasonably fit, ergo, mostly unfit, which is why i am at the gym.

Lone buff guy, you are the reason i stay at the gym. I see the way that you effortlessly work out for the time that you are there before i arrive and why i leave you there after I am done. You are the reason why i thought that i could move from a twenty-minute mile to a fifteen-minute mile in twenty minutes. It is you who i see through the salty perspiration that marks my presence on the treadmill.

I hate your constant presence, but i love the fact that, of all the things that are lost and intermittent in the world, you do not change. I mean, your face changes, as does your skin tone, because every evening at the gym, there is only one buff guy there, you. Buff guy at the gym, did you know that downstairs, they have a basketball court that fits your 6"2 frame? Did you see the swimming pool sign on your way here, because you can work out there too. Why do you choose this gym at this time?

Buff guy at the gym, this is an open letter from me to you. I think you know it’s time to go at 5 today. So help me, don’t be there! But if you are, i will huff and puff and sweat myself into fitness, so that I can carry you out the door myself. That is a promise.


7 thoughts on “Lone Buff Guy At The Gym

  1. U remind me! there’s one at the gym where I go too. Many times I have found myself staring!!

    but then the other day, it finally hit me. He’s too neat, muscles and bones too in place, the pants too tight and then… I knew!

  2. I, too, would love to be that buff guy. But like Aco, I don’t want to spend all my life there. Lucky for me my commute to work affords me the opportunity for cardio, since it is a 12 mile bike ride one way. So in good weather, that is my choice of transport. Then at work we have a gym, so that’s my next goal. Taking advantage of it.

    All the best in your quest for good health!

  3. ACO- the guy does not spend the whole time there. There is one buff guy every time i go there and for that evening, he is the star of the gym.

    AK- That is the kind of guy i love to hate. There should be another kind of gym for the buff guy.I, on the other hand can gripe incessantly.I still have to watch him every time tha ti am there!!!AAArrrghh!

    EGM- lucky that you have a commute that allows you the workout!

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