for all the times

there are many paths that we take. Some lead us into the place called “There”, meaning the field of dreams where we place heart, soul and other earth bound connections. How you get there makes a difference, because it is not the when or the how, but the who and within yourself, the tireless spirit of travel.

I see another field before that field…as they all go in sequence. You and yours may have different views in real time, but i see things differently. I want nothing to do with wandering. Let us unite in soul minded purpose, and walk, just walk to the place called “I dream”

Bryan Adams wrote a song ‘Can’t stop this thing we started

He wasn’t in the mood to play around with his words. he bespeaks the unity of direction, headed to love, as most of this Canadian rocker’s songs bespeak. I keep seeing the words in my mind as i think of all the other things that are ahead, life, real adulthood( the kind that has no fan where the heat is full blast).

We are one, friends, comrades and brothers…mostly, just friends.


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