Faith: A Must or a Question of Choice

Someone sent me a forward, as many, many people back home are fond of doing. The little girl’s teacher was discounting the presence of God in the classroom of six and seven year-olds. Not in Kenya, though, as anyone who went through all those years of C.R.E can tell you. Teacher Ann, her name was, favoured the view that if you cannot see God, then you really have no grounds to believe that he is there. Needless to say, these children in the class were full believers of what teacher said, and their oneness of belief showed during their break. The kids were telling one another that Teacher must be right, that there is no God.

Then the little girl spoke up saying,
“Teacher Ann has no brain.”
All the kids fell silent as they absorbed this shocking statement.
Another kid, Jimmy, retorted, “Who says?”
“Well, we can’t see it so it can’t be there”

The story tickled me because it sounds more and more like all the arguments against religion and faith and general belief that are floating all over the ‘Net, the classroom and even boardrooms all over the world.

There is no higher Being therefore no reason to believe in anything but oneself. Isn’t there? Intellectuals in some areas scorn those who are ‘simple’ enough to believe in the power of God.Even an untrained scholar may query faith in Someone. Me thinks people do wonder a fair bit about their upbringing versus the current situation, and whether the religious scholars tell the truth.

I ask myself the same questions as I watch “Hour of Prayer” or all those gangster movies where the main violence is in the house of prayer. I think about this walking to the bus stop and get handed an evangelism tract, and when I see a street corner filled with people yelling their faith over loudspeaker. And as i look across the street, where a counter argument is shouted back to the streetcorner squad, I hear the questioning of the ages, “To Believe or Not to Believe”

Back and forth, the arguments, writings and songs speak. Yesterday, I was listening to a rock song called “Heaven”, whose chorus said, “You aren’t going to heaven so there is no point of being saved on earth” Ergo, live and die, the rest is up to the fates and nobody knows for sure whether you will go or not. It has also become a cliche to

Too many times, we are faced with questions of when or whether or what will happen beyond the life we lead. Every way we turn, nothing seems to give conclusive reprieve to matters of faith. That is, unless you already believe in something. And we all do, yes even you, who is scoping this post with liberal sprinkles of cynicism. Walk out and look at what they are saying at the Bus Stop or at the Shops this afternoon.

To me, have a questioning day.


One thought on “Faith: A Must or a Question of Choice

  1. Questioning is good!
    But it doesn’t solve the problem!
    If a message is right, then merely questioning and nothing more may ultimately lead to doom depending on the conent of the message!

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