Tribute to a beautiful Rose.

(If you are reading this post, this is my tribute to my beautiful cousin sister, who left to be with the Lord today. It may remind you of your own loss, as I share ours, as her family and friends…)

I won’t share a birthday with you this year. We won’t call or text and wish each other the same way that we did in the past. But I will remember and blow an extra candle out, for us.

I remember that Dec’ hols where we were seven kids in the house and you were one of them, and we would go sliding down the stairs and split several mangoes at snack time. Weren’t we all so carefree? So memorable was that one day that we remembered it for years later. And the laughter.

I remember the way you were happy that we were going to start meeting in the neighbourhood, cause you had friends nearby and were always welcome in our home. It was not strange that you struck such close rapport with shared friends and made life long connections.

I remember your First Aid zeal, and the energy with which you participated in your beloved St John’s. I wanted to take that activity up, because you were so interested. Not only that, but i wanted to have same concern for others as you did.

I heard you mourn the death of your friend some time. I felt your pain as you wondered what would happen and when you would ever meet again. You felt the pain that we feel now as we say goodbye, really, you did. You even said what we were saying now. “Too young, not now”

I remember passing time with you at the Video Library and knowing that you would always be there when we came on Saturday mornings. Despite the distance from home, you made sure that you got out and did things, always something. You refused to just pose, and wait for us to come see you. You came to see us too. Every time, you came.

I was part of the tests and the numerous hospital visits, as we run into each other in town, and at Home too. Never did i hear a single word of complaint, as we talked and chatted about trivia. What a gal! What a gal!

You always knew what was going on with your friends and you took the time to ask every one what they were planning for the next day. No detail was too small, not for you, no. A true friend, caring and warm, with that winsome smile.

You took such a great interest in me and being in school and were always happy when i got good grades. I loved your support even when my childish arrogance superceded the things that mattered, like you, and my other sisters and brothers.

I remember when you took up computers. I saw the spark in your eye when you were thinking about all the jobs that you would pursue after school and the possibilities.

Mummy, and the other aunties and uncles always treated us like we were the same. because we were so few per family, we were truly like siblings living in the same compound. I loved the way Grandma never treated us like we were separate children and never let us take namesake pictures only. I remember you protested and we all took the pictures together.

You were always so pretty, even after the beginning of your ails. You never let us know that you were suffering, and always told us never to feel sorry for you. You were so brave and came to family meetings regardless.

I will miss you darling sister, we all will. As we gather all over the world and mourn your passing, we are so shocked. We are beside ourselves with grief. Nothing we can say or do will bring you back and that makes us so very sad.

We are left with so many questions, and we are angry that we don’t have more years to spend with you. We rejoice, however, knowing that you are resting with pur Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whom you put your trust.

You are our angel, our rose. Everybody agrees that your cheer and smile and loving self will always remain with us. Our tears will never dry, nor our memories fade of our time together. It is not over yet, we shall meet again.

Hopefully, now you know just how much God is welcoming you home, with all His angels and i know you don’t feel pain any more, only light.

Your sunny smile and your pretty personality are our inspiration, never to forget the way you led us together round you from all over the world.

What makes a life worthwhile? What things will we carry away from the masterpiece God created in you. Will we cry forever? Will you ever know how much we love you? Our gratitude overflows for the gift of you, in life, you sought and gave much love and we hope we may be as brave as you were, always.


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