The only B-log I trust is my own

Twas the summer before this fall, not a cloud was in sight, not a trace of pant leg nor a soggy boot leg. It was the hottest time, for the best of reasons. An item was added to the list clutched in my fist, one to make each skirt twirl, and each cool soda drink last. But those are wanton feelings about the summer that ended with the onset of the rain, and the brolleys( umbrellas ) and no more walks without jackets ( jumpers, wind breakers, jerseys et al)

I had a blogger mentality over the summer, and vowed to post everyday. Hmm, no small wonder the entries so far in a 4-month summer. What can one say about those warm summer days without stealing memories from a fresh plate you just put to dry on the rack. I could almost swear and say, the only b-log that I trust is my own. Updated to reflect a changing musical mentality, i find other blog rolls fascinating.

Do update sometime soon Blog, pweety pwease!


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