Fall – Launch of a new blog season.

So far the best thing that could have possibly happened did. I chanced upon a copy of a good book called “We’ve Got Blog”, which is a collection of thoughts about blogging from people who regularly maintain their own blogs. I will try and live up to the ideas that have been placed ahead of me, with a view to creating good content and a sizeable readership.

The challenge for me is to create content that truly reflects my interests as an African woman living in diaspora as well as a child of a vibrant community that is scattered across the globe. Women in my situation face the challenges of academic rigor as well as the changing attitudes towards them in their homes, schools and work places. May our work accomplish something greater for all the women who cannot be where we are for various reasons. Vive la Femme!

Regular readers of this blog have grown accustomed to reading many things about my childhood experiences and my current interests. This will continue as I strive to balance work and school in tandem with the demands of living life to the fullest.

Note the new blogs that I am reading as I go along and cultivate wider interests in the fields of economics, political science, business as well as web developments. Who ever thought that mathematics could pique my interest as much as it has over the last couple of weeks? The classroom of the fall is amazing, so much to learn and do. Impressive.

Welcome to the Fall, a season of mixed weather, new readings and the promise of a hearty semester to come.


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