I cannot believe that I have blogged this long without mentioning this electric man called Shu.

From about a year ago, when I first hear his songs from a friend’s collection I have been enthralled by the talent of this man. He is brilliant, in school and in the music academy called Life. I applaud his efforts to take the music world by storm in an environment that is ascetic to ‘outsiders’ and hard to penetrate.

Undoubtedly, he is mentioned in the same vein as John Legend( Shu has worked with Dave Tozer, who produced some tracks from the maiden first album for the then unknown Legend) In my books he is OKAY!! What What!

Never underestimate a man like Shu. He has endeared himself to his fans by being available to answer to emails and always keep us updated on his shows and reviews. As we would say, “Huyu jamaa ni wetu”

My personal medal to Shu would have the following citation
‘ For living every parents dream and pursuing music with education, and not only writing good songs, but giving enervating performances both at home, Kenya, and abroad; For entertaining and energising young and old alike; For showing us more than just talent but successful initiative; We award you, Shu this award as a token of appreciation for all you have done and all you have continued to do’

Here is his latest review just in case you are wondering how recently this guy appeared.
(Top Photo By Nicole Sweet, also available at


2 thoughts on “SHU

  1. Ah, I see you are yet another fan. Shu is definitely a phenom. And very down to earth at that. A combination that makes for a force to reckon with. All I can add to your citation is a loud and resounding Hear Hear!

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