Eric Wainaina, Twende Twende album

An open letter to Eric Wainaina,

Thank you for releasing the much awaited album ‘Twende Twende’ in late 2006. I had the good fortune of finding this gem when I was home over Winter Break, and it is fitting to give God tribute for the talent which he has bestowed on you.

So far I have received so many compliments on the music from Pakistani, Indian, Zimbabwean, Kenyan and other friends. The message they are sending is, send us this album. So if you find this message somewhere on the internet, please, send albums this way to market to the US. There is a high demand.

I appreciate the global applicability of your album. I especially enjoy ‘Ni Ki Kiega’ because moms are awesome!!!

God bless you.

One of the Ma Fans


2 thoughts on “Eric Wainaina, Twende Twende album

  1. That is a GREAT album. I had it on constant replay while I was home, and every time I listen to it now, it just takes me back there. The US release is slated for this year November according to CDBaby.

  2. The man is talented. Thanks for the heads-up. I have the album on replay, but have to fend off requests to make copies for people here who do not have it.

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