K.C.S.E Results

2009- We have seen an unofficial survey of the top schools reveal that Precious Blood Riruta was the top school according to the Daily Nation in Kenya. The idea that the vast majority of students are not going to make it to C+ says a lot about the education system, and the quality of teachers.  So far, this round of news has me cheering the next generation on – my gals have done me proud. I love them dearly!

2008 -I was awoken yesterday to the IM Message: “Oe, Sorre! Tumewashinda, Strathmore is number 2 overall!” If you are not aware, I went to one of those schools which forever features in the top ten of the country’s best schools. ( Yes, I do say-only when results are out) This year, as this IM indicated, my alma mater was trounced. I was naturally pulled away from the task at hand to the nation/Standard front pages(the ones we can access for free) to see what it was that was the rank. Aaargh! When we were there we were kings! My old school had indeed been trounced by the fellas once again. To be fair, however, there was a fair distribution of girls from the school in the top 100 of the province, so that was a relief.

Before I delve into a monologue about the vagaries of the 8.4.4 system, I would like to thank M-Oh-Wan( Baba) for introducing the system that has produced the most hardened students in the history of Kenya. Guys of 7.6.3 if you are reading this, my disclaimer is that I was not there in your day, and have no direct quotes at you. In this country, the 8.4.4 kids I know are topping in major disciplines and shining in their campus communities. Of course, as you may know, I have not met the full gamut of Kenyans, no quantifiable data exists, et cetera. We are very tough, the system did something.

Back to the results. I was surprised to hear that not one girl attempted Aviation Technology in 2006. More saddening to me was the fact that even though more girls than boys attempted the exam, girls ranked poorly in major subjects. I am all for women and the figures are disheartening. On a cheerier note, I received an email from a relative who sat the KCSE last year with the email of the results. In this era of tech savvy youth, I suppose one could check online and then send the results to one’s nearest and dearest. In spite of the fact that the said rela had done very well, the usual rank and file of applying to public universities may overlook obvious good grades in favor of the overall point system. I am proud of my rela! As we would say (clap, clap, clap)”Good!” (clap, clap, clap)”Vyema” (clap, clap, clap)”you have made us proud”.

K.C.S.E is brutal testing if I ever saw any, so if you meet recent result receivers, do not forget to acknowledge their efforts.

Have a resultant Thursday!


2 thoughts on “K.C.S.E Results

  1. This year saw some schools SHOCKED. It’s good to see some lesser known schools coming up, but it’s never fun to observe that @ your chuo’s expense

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