Keeping Mum (2005) Movie Review

Keeping Mum
My favorite actors from different movies came together for a rare Brit comedy about family, fun and opportunistic murder in the film “Keeping Mum”. Spoiler warning for those of you who have not watched it.
It stars Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean to Kenyan audiences, Patrick Swayze, of Dirty Dancing fame, Kristin Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith are a household in rural England, whose life as a family comes to the fore in this drama about family secrets.

Here is a review from IMDB
Gloria Goodfellow (Kristin Scott Thomas) has a normal life in the countryside along with her family. She’s the mother of two children, one precocious teenager girl and a timid boy, who’s been bullied by a bunch of kids from his school. Occassionally, their peace is disrupted by a neighbour’s annoying dog or a meddler neighbour. Gloria’s husband, Reverend Walter Goodfellow (Rowan Atkinson), is a clumsy but well respected priest, who’s preparing to give a speech in a religious convention at Cornwall. One morning a charming, efficient and quite kind lady, Grace Hawkins (Maggie Smith), arrives to work as a housekeeper at the Goodfellows’ house. The family’s life will change forever, because Grace will care for its integrity in her own special way. First, Grace will help Walter to relax and find his funny side during masses. Then, Grace finds out that Gloria is having an affair with her golf instructor (Patrick Swayze), a sort of pervert American man, interested in Gloria’s daughter as well. Last but not least, Grace will manage herself to get rid of the bullies who are giving a hard time to Petey. Despite this ideal reality, Gloria will discover a secret that Grace has been hiding… for more than 40 years. Written by Alejandro Frias

A witty watch for fans of brit humor, droll and funny. Catch this and other Think films.


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