Standing with VT

Who would have ever imagined that as we go to class, field and laboratory; and struggle with papers and projects, that college students such as ourselves could have lost their lives so senselessly to a lone gunman who lived and studied among their midst.

I do not care who you are, this is real people. Among those who died were students and faculty from all over the world, including a Peruvian national swimmer, a young woman whose family had just emerged last year from the crisis in Beirut and a professor who survived the Holocaust only to lose his life on the day of national Holocaust memorial. Their stories are shared on Facebook and on all the stations and papers in countries all over the world. They are from every part of the world, representing a diverse range of interests.

Web presence by campus students in the United States is a powerful force. Let us use this time to show our support for our fellow college students and their families. Let us urge our colleges and universities to instill extra vigilance in the communities we work and live in. We have the power to surround this terrible tragedy with support for more stringent gun-control.

You have probably seen the stories all over the news, and may know of boards where students are congregating to share information.Host a discussion in your dorm and your campus and reach out to friends and colleagues. Stop focusing on petty issues, because you are meant to do more than focus on trivia. If you are not registered to vote, make the time to do so today. You have a voice to change the way your representatives vote, because without this college population, the vote is not truly representative.

V.T you will not cry alone. We stand with you too.


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