Twana Twitu(Our Children) :A Kenya Initiative

For those of you who have an investment dollar available, Nzeluni location in Kenya’s Mwingi South district of Kenya is home to Twana Twitu, a local organization started by Mwende Edozie and community members. Twana Twitu (our children) exists to empower orphans and their living communities through interventions such as medical, nutritional and psychosocial support, access to education and micro-enterprising development. So far Twana Twitu( Our Children) has enabled 224 orphaned children to both succeed in and contribute to the world.
The age of handouts to Africa is gone, and we are well into the era of sustainable enterprise to alleviate poverty. Twana Twitu project exists to enhance food security and reduce livelihood vulnerability in the drought-prone and marginalized Mwingi South district. Already, Twana Twitu has six separate self help initiatives on the ground, including chicken rearing, hybrid goat keeping, kiondo (basket) and mat weaving and pot making (ceramics).
I agree with the Twana Twitu’s commitment to creating location-appropriate income generating activities (IGAs), and facilitating low cost sustainable approaches to food, nutrition, agro-income security and sustainable agriculture. For a rural area in Kenya, a solution that effectively combats poverty and household vulnerability is an investment that will definitely create the lasting change that many similar communities wish to see in the future.


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