Apprentice Africa : Who I am Rooting For!

edward-ngugi.jpg Eddie, Nairobi Kenya
Born Ngugi Edward Mbugua, Eddie as his fellow housemates call him; is a consummate reader of literary materials. He reads Shakespeare, Frederick Forsythe, etc. A legal citizen of Kenya, this 30 year old sales and marketing manager and part-time actor, who acquired his psychology degree from the United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya, is humorous and witty. Imagine his response to the question “how important is money to you?”- “Very…How else shall I date Janet Jackson”. Eddie’s strengths lie in his deep sense of professional responsibility, and he brings to The Apprentice Africa an itinerary of an analytical mind, a competitive spirit, a calculative disposition, and a dose of humour. According to him, if he becomes the Apprentice, he would dedicate his time to encouraging children from single parents,
because he believes it is not a disability to be born into a single parent home, but a challenge. He offers a word of advice, “If I can do it, anyone can”.

As of week 6, Eddie is still in the running! All the way dude~keep them guessing!

Alas, but this lovely chica left the race this past week. As a commentator said, Joyce, you were not hired, their loss. Kudos !

mbaya-joyce.jpg Joyce, Nairobi Kenya
Joyce Kathomi Mbaya was born 25 years ago in Kenya. Joyce proudly declares to new acquaintances, “Nairobi Kenya is the best city in the world”, as she flies the flag of her country proudly. Despite her being educated in the United States where she acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Central Missouri, she still flaunts her Kenyan accent, unlike many Africans who will rather speak with an American accent. She’s a naturally lovable person who describes herself as “not simple but complicated”; in a room, her heart glows more than the light bulbs, and that is the kind of warmth she’s come to The Apprentice Africa with. Joyce is a very emotional person who considers her late grandfather her greatest role model for what he said to her as a child, “Joyce, you have a crown on your head, and a crown is something important but also very difficult to carry-you can never carry your crown by yourself but you must be careful not to give your crown to the wrong person”. She is coming to The Apprentice Africa with a friendly and amiable personality, laden with her ‘crown’ which is her humane disposition to her fellow housemates. She believes she is a perfect leader, who would gladly give her life to save the lives of those she’s been chosen to lead.

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