Women in March: Blog and Article Highlights

I recently tried to stumble across various peoples’ blogs to see what women are up to globally. It is women’s history month already, and two days to March 8 the International Womens’ Day. I shall wear my gender proudly. I shall remember all the sacrifices that have been made so that I can be studying, living and learning.

Seasons and Reasons is a Kenyan blogger who highlighted the woman who set herself on fire to protest racism. Check out his pictures and words about this story that barely emerged as a top story, but highlights the kind of despair many people of color face in trying to make their lives in a predominantly white world.

Nyarshady writes about being in a society where there is always someone telling you how you should look or commenting on some change in your life. as a woman who feels the same way I declare, like she did and say “I am a Woman”

Crystal Balls looks at why people get married, and I think that her examples of the women in perspective lend a third look at women centered Kenyan posts for the day.

International Women’s Day 

Is 97 years old, first celebrated in Copenhagen



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