May Highlights!

My corner of the world is 2 hours drive from NYC and 4 hours from Washington DC. The weather is 75F (23.8C) and cloudy. There is a slight breeze and the trees are in bloom, flowers have reappeared. Its delicious weather to be outside and ready for a jog, or a walk, or like my gal and I did yesterday, just sit on a lawn and watch the sun set at 8:00pm. The days are longer!

Quick highlights from my week.

1) May Day – Celebrations of everything Spring oriented.
It was great to finally usher in some normal weather. Normal to me is the onset of 60-80F weather also called Spring. perfect weather for running, walking, being outdoors. We also had a grand party to usher in the Spring last Sunday.

2) Obama took North Carolina – Proud of your Carolina!
I believe that this is a sign to think strongly about what state I would move to if I went South.

3) I am squat in the middle of finals – hence the ‘slow coach’ on regular postings.
I will spare you the details of the work, suffice to say that by next Friday, I will be a free woman ( at least from academics)

4)Twitter me! – SunnyKay
I am being followed a bit, am an Afrotwit and also, there are loads of new members doing all manner of things. It may reduce those 6 degrees of separation.

5) Found out that women need calcium before age 29, then after that we do not absorb the same way. Loading up on my calcium. But then again I am only 18*, so got some time left.
*-Approximately 18 till I die.

6) If you are a fan for documentaries a la Jamaica Kincaid’s “Life and Debt”, Michael Moore’s “Sicko” and “Bowling for Columbine” you should check out

7)I am heading further south for the summer. I will be documenting my summer travels better than I did last year, and hoping to refine some things for the future. Details to follow.

Blogs of Note:
Food: Simply Breakfast – The art of doing breakfast
Art: Indexed – Art on Index Cards
Femme: MwariWaDavid – Hopeful, helpful, heartfelt
Tech: AfriGadget Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology in Africa


3 thoughts on “May Highlights!

  1. Thanks for, consider me the newest junkie on there.
    In case you didn’t know, standard tv shows and movies can be found at
    You haven’t updated your twitter in ages….wats up?!
    Knock the xamz out of the park!!

    Once I am done with the bulk of the work, I will sneak to to jumpstart my summer holiday.I have been updating my twitter! I have even directed comments to you… Chk sunnykay…I will try my level best to knoc’ em way out of sight!

  2. Those “6 degrees of separation” may no longer exist! 🙂
    How true, you can jump right across and into people’s lives…a double edged sword

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