PS Goes to Summer !

So here I am at the starting point of what promises to be an eventful summer. Two great cities, and a host of people, places and occasions in between. A long time admirer of this nation’s capital, I shall spend the bulk of my time in Washington DC.

Here is my roundup:

Sports madness. Was the whole world watching last week’s soccer matches? It seemed, for the last part of the week, all the conversations I had via email or in person with random strangers had to do with soccer. Football makes the world go round is all I can say.

Alright, granted, my only motivation is to Ronaldinho, whose postage size stamps I still have from my high school bubble gum collection, but the footie frenzy was too deadly. The local pub happens to attract a really high number of English football fans too.

Twitter: Some really interesting folks have joined up, and I am being followed, even though the bulk of my posts are of the “Being a student … ” variety, I am happy. If you are a fan of various bloggers, and other web personalities, look them up and join up yourself.

Matchmaking: This weekend, I meet some good people from KE. Here is where it got interesting. So we were having a great time with my friend’s family, who are from a different community than I am. So this older couple, aunt and uncle to my friend decide to match me up. Small transcript of the conversation:

Couple: (Turn suddenly towards me) Do you have a boyfriend?

PS: (Thinking’ None of your Biz People’) Why do you ask?

Couple: Well, here is our cousin, this face of yours cannot be wasted, give him your number, he is a good man

PS: (WTF, Keeping a calm face) I am trying to finish school. This is not the time to be planning so far into the future.

Couple: This one, (points to the guy) he is young (PS is thinking 35-40yrs and she can barely remember the early nineties) and he will not rush you to have kids, he is patient

PS: No, thanks so much.  (Kids? As in…assuming I am even going to progeny-tize with their brother/son/cousin…when did we get there?)

PS:(Exits conversation mentally here)

(I then weather the icy chills from this couple, and an awkward stare from the prospective, who says not a word to me, just gives me one of those looks you would give a really juicy tender steak, well done. It funny how you can tell the look a mile away)

Word of Advice – If you know a twenty something person, do not try and set them up without delicate consultations akin to those which you would if you thought they were a perfect stranger, who you approach cautiously. By the way this whole exchange happened in the middle of the room within earshot and view of all who attended the event. How discrete, yes? )

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk : Set for October, and will raise $2200 or more for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For more details and how you can sponsor my walk, send me an email at sunnykay9 (at) gmail (dot) com


One thought on “PS Goes to Summer !

  1. LOL! Like a tender piece of steak! People must consider you a very valuable commodity to set you up with other folks, consider it a compliment.
    Me thinks I will eventually be over twitter… takes too much mental space for me to remember everyday or every week to update and I want to get away from any sense of obligation esp to something that’s more of a distraction. In the meantime though, find me on twitter.
    Ahem! I shall take the compliment and run with it. I suppose there is some flattery in such introductions.
    Twitter, I must say, it is flattering to be followed, albeit by people separated from you by 3-4 degrees of separation

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