June Highlights!

Greetings and salutations,

This month has proved extremely insightful. It started with my reconciling my old trusty computer to the recycle center, because after years(3) of faithful service, a random incident left her incapacitated and she was no more. Enter Lady Dee, named for the royal Princess of Wales, whose high value did not detract from her ability to respond to the lowly people and needs of her world. She is a spry young gal, who has taken well to my tinkering and downloads and general online theatrics. May she live long and continue to be strong.

I joined the work force. I had previously posted that Nameless ‘Salari’ was a song that captured my heart as I thought of those who work very very hard to have a decent living. And then I began. I love love love my job, awesome supervisor. I take this Sunshine to the office every day and I have met some dedicated folks whose contributions to health in this country cannot be tallied.

Ushahidi: The project won the Netsquared Challenge

The project started small, locating incidents in Kenya, and then has been voted one of the top ten start-ups to watch. Our world is fast becoming a zone of conflict and hopefully one where there can be some solution through sharing information. Good job Ushahidi team!

Then, we need to start asking what happens when children get caught in war: Kenyan children were allegedly abducted and tortured in this AP story. We must remain vigilant and consider the application of the Childrens’ Act 2001 to protect the children in these turbulent times.


One thought on “June Highlights!

  1. Congratulations on the new job and maaajjooor props for taking the time to recycle your comp, too many people wouldn’t even think of it.
    I think its better to say I tearfully said goodbye to the comp,because like many people, I believe that a computer should be used till the very last ounce of charge and memory is gone.

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