Sara Mitaru : Voicing the Heart of Africa

Stop Press! – Sara Mitaru is the new UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth. At a truly colorful ceremony, this honor was accorded Mitaru in recognition of her efforts in promoting the role of youth in the Habitat Agenda through entertainment and creative arts. You can read all about it – LINK HERE
The host of the event, Under Secretary Anna Tibaijuka said this about Sara, “Ms Mitaru is a wonderful home-grown Afro-fusion singer and song writer known the world over for her music and singing and particularly her famous song, Woman from Africa. Her wonderful music builds around life, love, and change for the better in modern society.”
Congratulations Sara!
Please check out her music on Myspace or join the Facebook fan page for very current updates of Sara’s music.

Many who are familiar with the Kenyan Afro-fusion scene have discovered a gem in the sultry vocals and lyrics of Sara Mitaru. If you have not yet heard her music below is a track that urges peace in Africa called: Stop the War.Just so you can hear what the buzz is about Sara, here are a sampling of reviews.Drum Magazine,  a leading commentator on African artistes and events noted:

The first time Sara Mitaru got a lot of publicity was on January 19, 2007 when she performed at the launch of Eric Wainaina’s album Twende Twende at Alliance Francaise Gardens. Sara was backed by Wambu Mitaru and 2005 Kora Award winner Neema Ntalel (who along with two other backup artists have been fondly nicknamed The Spectaculars because they all wear glasses). Sara and her backup team recently performed during Urban Legends, a monthly concert held at the Carnivore that showcases various Kenyan artists.

Sara is a gifted vocalist whose range and command of her genre are enviably the most striking parts of her performance. She has performed in Kenya, the UK, and soon, is set to travel more sharing her music and her passion.For those of you who are fans of Papa Wemba, she captures the track ‘Rail On’ LINK HERE. Have not seen this songstress in concert yet?  Watch “Stop the War” below.


2 thoughts on “Sara Mitaru : Voicing the Heart of Africa

  1. I have to try and get hold of some of that music very seen, afro fusion is a budding and very promising music scene from what I have managed to listen to; just hard to get hold of music when you are way out here in the West…

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