Thanksgiving – Your Song

“In a world of scarcity you continue enjoying abundance that is not threatened.
You enjoy health that many in the world will only dream about.
You have hope that knows no boundaries.” -Pa

What a bittersweet thanksgiving we had indeed. With the world watching helplessly as terror hit Mumbai, an economic crisis strangling our wallets, and the beginning of the exams season for those of us who are in academic settings. We should be wallowing in our combined dreary outlook, no? We should stop where we are and just wait to die? Never!

I have had the opportunity over the last few years to write hope on the pages of my wall, and to share thoughts about things that inspire me. I am so lucky and fortunate. It does not matter how many times they tell me, you cannot, you should not and you will not achieve, I know where my destiny lies. Its funny though, that with a weekend of thanksgiving, there were shades of experiences, new ties and resilience.

See, I cannot help but be thankful. For all the times since I traveled over here. For the numerous friends who have become like family. For miles traveled (before the gas prices and coursework spiked), for new lands explored and new challenges that entertain me. I have my health, too. So precious.

Forgive the cynicism that threatens to engulf your mind, and be grateful. Be free to see yourself for the wonderful person that you are. Even if there seems to be what I like to call ‘background noise’ in your life/ (Background noise -the naysayers)/ remember that your life, every single day is a symphony and the only voices that you should be listening to are the background vocals (cheering squad)  that complement your own song (anthem), your own strong loud gutsy vocalization that you are alive.

MIRIAM MAKEBA – She was,”an iconic personality. A symbol of true African womanhood, who exuded strength, love and warmth in her songs which were a reflection of the life she lived, dreamed and hoped for all who heard her music.”

Some of this post is a sonnet marking the many blessings in my life right now, other parts of it are whispers into cyberspace. That someone might stumble upon and read and really truly resonate with. Out of the swirling dust of my empty purse comes hope, and I can still afford some of that, today. That and my own song.

And I found a blog that has a compendium of resources about conversationalism – Positive Living Blog


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