BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Diary of a trainee prison governor

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Diary of a trainee prison governor.

Isabel - The Prison Governor

Isabel, the Prison Governor

I suppose I only really remembered Anna the Air Hostess and Pamela the Probation Officer from my younger days. This is really interesting, especially as I ponder what I shall be doing for the rest of my life. I keep on dreaming big dreams. On to Isabel though.

This article had me thinking about when we were younger and were asked, what do you want to do for life. Especially girls and women, because when I was growing up, few women drove buses or trains oor worked as long distance truck drivers.

The lady in this article is 26 years old and a prison boss, or prison governor – fast track leadership which she has worked towards for 14 years. Another lady I know dreamed she wanted to be a doctor for 15 years before she actually got credentialled to practice medicine. I reckon the average wait time to be what ‘you want to be when you grow up’ is 14 or 15 years now.


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