In with the new

Happy new year reader, yes, even as we wave goodbye to January and start the business of what happens after the resolution fever ends. Last year, there were some concrete resolutions that were made, to make Obama president, to have a prosperous 2008, and we again re-examine the promises we made to ourselves and try to wish again, or celebrate what happened. I think that even as the economy here tanked, we collectively sigh in relief that in these harsh economic times, we have hope. And hope is like oxygen, partially in the air, scarce, but necessary for living. My president looks like me. He is not one thing – but if the step grandson of a peasant can be moving into the White House, I see the power of dreams. There is a whole post about the whole linking him to his Kenyan roots, but how much more is there a general feel-good feeling about him? Aaaah, sweet.

This year started well for me. I was at home. It also started with much loss – with people transitioning too swiftly, old and young, men and women. May God who comforts, comfort those who are left behind. How indeed we have to cherish being here, and get on with the business of living. I tell you, the deeper questions of spirit, of a life that is filled with meaning, and missing them, those are part of what we are left to grapple within ourselves.

On that note, let me sign off. More on the Kenya trip to come.


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