The Comfort of the Daily Routine

“I thought I said, I want my eggs sunny side up, and I want my water still and those fruits, who ever wanted them diced, I said sliced! I only ever have my clothes pressed a certain way, and who told you I wanted lukewarm soup? I have to have this day start off well, the same way I always start it, the same way I ever start it, and I shall have it my way today and every day,” said the lady of the manor roaring to a now abandoned castle – No wonder all her staff had fled.

My morning routine is not as rigid as the first sentence suggests, I am a lady, and I have a small manor (those who know the sizes of student housing in the US can chuckle to this) Once you learn it, you want to maintain that habit, especially if it brings you a certain level of success or creates a certain sense that you are on the right track. Throughout my formative years there was always a schedule, when to rise, what to eat, when to nap, homework and TV time, and also when you were meant to be outside playing, as children ought to. No wonder I was always to tired after a day, that routine kept a pace from morning until evening. Thanks 8-4-4 system of education and those brave parents who soldier through the system.

Now that I am a little older, I have to say that retaining some of that routine has become a desire, nay a need as acute as that for water for a parched throat. I have the same thing for breakfast every day, I never tire of a food that I enjoy. I have my wash up at about the same time every day early in the morning and then catch up on my readings and other things as I prepare for the day ahead. Often I have stopped myself in the middle and asked, what really am I doing. Going through the motions or really living.

If life is not a rehearsal, why do we spend time perfecting such a delicate balance of routines?  Are we practicing for a future day when we can showcase the perfect daily routine that we have. I lift my eyes to the wonderful azure sky and down at the snow that covers the ground – the blanket of snow seems to be permanent, but it too shall pass and melt. What of us, we do not have as much surety – that we have X-many days and we shall do these things – so shall we please I do something today that will create  meaningful impact.

When I want to think deeply on an issueget creative, it invariably calls for me to break the routine and go somewhere new. To fight writer’s block, sit at a cafe with other writers and take in some orange spice tea and tappetty tap on a keyboard. To fight boredom with the palate, to try a new cuisine. Many times however, I am not as fortunate with time, I need to have my mind made up fast. So goes the business of adulthood. I cannot imagine where this particular routine, of morning musings will go, but I am thankful that I can indeed break out of what I was doing this morning to share this with the world. This idea that you need to step aside from your daily habits and go and do!


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