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FOUR things that I am passionate about:

Social entrepreneurship – Would be great if more people did things they do everyday for a wider social impact?

Women In Motion – I think women are the key to many of the change! things we are doing – so rather than distract people with terms like empowerment, feminism and other hot words, let me just tell you I love to get women moving towards better, more efficient and equitable outcomes.

Kenya – and Africa : First home land then home area. I recently traveled to Kenya for a short visit and it was immediately clear why I was born to be an African. Such wealth hidden behind such need coupled with vast natural beauty – and the Cradle of mankind – brilliant!

God, My family and friends: I am who I am because I am blessed by an awesome Maker. Family and friends.Would not trade all of them for a minute. Without them, I am just a single stone on a three piece hearth, and they bring the fire for all the other things that I am mad about.

FOUR words or phrases I use alot:

Ummm- always a great conversation continuer.

Cheers-Always cheers me up

Really? – Depending on the tone to convey everything from elation to sheer boredom

Yay! – To convey excitement over everything.

FOUR things I want to Do Before I Die

Do a show with Tina Turner “Proud Mary” first then we both pay tribute to the late great Miriam Makeba.

Write the next great African novel – if only so that people would know there are other writers apart from the trailblazers Achebe, Thiongo, Adichie

Be the first African woman to live on the moon – why not!

Visit all my friends on the continents which they now live one after the other.

FOUR things that I have learnt from the past(marked by familiar cliches)

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent

Love actually is all around

If you hold a bird in your hand and it wants to fly – let it go.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus


As for the one who tagged me: Acolyte and back tagging to Man Bag WearerMwariwadavid and I would like to tag along Biche and

Have a lovely weekend people!


2 thoughts on “Tagged: So I shall Respond

  1. I hope to see you become the first African woman to live on the moon! It’ll be interesting to see what “moon politics” and “moon economics” shapes up to look like.

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