Job Hunting in 2009

I famously said (well as far as my Facebook is concerned) that looking for a job in these troubled times can only be described as “This is Spartaaa!” – and to the chuckles and commentary of many of my friends, we christened this time as such. You see, many of us are graduating in 2009, with various degrees that will grant us the power to read, and all the privileges that come with that degree. I suppose there is something to be said about coming to the end of 16 years of school – that something is NOT – grumble grumble no job. In fact, there is much fanfare and pomp expected. So why are there no whoops at joining this job market? I muse below.

Reason #1:

The Recession – when they finally called it another recession, I realized that it was indeed the worst time in the world. Well meaning friends and acquaintances have billed this as a great time to take a sabbatical, or a great time to go back to school. I think this is the best time to make your fortune. If your currency is in people management, there has never been a larger mass of people to work for your start-up. If you are a writer, there has never been a better time to distract and entertain readers, and no worries, you can always self publish. I can imagine the people who have made their vast fortunes in such tumultous times. And, for the first time since I have been here in these United States, there are actually ads on TV telling people NOT to buy when they cannot afford to do so. Sounds formulaic, even simple, but it has been very difficult to change behavior for many people.

Reason #2: Student Loans

As I said above, there is such a drive to jumpstart spending in the US economy. I submit to the great economists that the only way that you can guarantee that there will be economic spending will be to let students borrow at the same rate as banks. I assure you, we will spend the money in the most extravagant ways possible, but it might just pull the land out of the deep end. No other generation has the short attention span and credit card itch-to-spend. Its not rocket science to tell you we the students fuel the Ramen industry single handedly.

Reason #3: Obama

He is a major reason why there are more models of color on this year’s runways, the reason why people are a little more tolerant of the ‘other’ here, at least viscerally and a source for hope for many globally. I submit to you dear reader that should this economy and job hunting need to yield homage to the Obama effect – it will be well deserved.


PS: Dear Reader, I fully intend to write more but there is a gag rule on dreary writing on Valentines’ Day so I shall wish you well, wish you clearer vision to see that love is all around all the time and enough patience to let the sun come out wherever you are!


2 thoughts on “Job Hunting in 2009

  1. some very good and honest points here. I agree with the argument about in many ways it being a time of opportunity amidst the difficulty. While many people are suffering terribly right now and that’s not to be sugar-coated times of great challenge are also when there are a lot of overlooked opportunities, such as some of the ones you mentioned.

  2. I have to say,we have to redefine what a work opportunity is once again. If we remain stuck in past definitions we may not survive.

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