100 Words – Security and Tofu

Well, my attempts to create a cogent long post are gone. Time has become premium. I just recently began community based participatory research to find out where people shop and what they buy. Most of the route, however, I think of the high crime rate – the high murder rate in my city right now, and last year. That and the fact that we are in a recession means that I travel sans many of my attires for just looking chic. Its work, not the Fashion Week.

The crux of this research is the idea that if you give people supplemental food (you being the government) you can create a whole dietary culture around healthy eating. I give the analogy of tofu. I do not eat tofu right now, but if you made it available to me for free, and taught me (again!) about how nutritious it is for my health, I might consider eating some tomorrow, when you give me my first free coupon for tofu. It may be foreign to my palate, but its free so I will come for more. Can then this free supplement induce me to eat healthier? Will I become more health conscious or am I just temporarily toeing the line so that I can get relief from my high food bill.


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