I rarely get up before the crack of dawn, but today I got up and sat down to wait – for an hour, and another half hour, until the sun peered at me over the horizon. Isn’t it true that when you get up way too early you are probably meant to think and pray about someone who needs a prayer. This morning, as I was sitting and sipping my breakfast cup, I was struck by how fragile we are, and how much we depend on the sun for everything. I imagined the sun failing to rise and what confusion that would throw to the world. I thought about the people who were thinking that they might not have a scrap in the world, but if they had a sunrise, then everything they needed was in their hands. Sunshine, the focus of this blog, is the other thing that I considered.

It becomes difficult, three years into writing whatever you want on your blog, to start sharing with others that the blog is meant to illuminate, and share that with a wide audience, some of whom you know and others who you do not. Truth be told, if we were to share the news, most of the blogs would be about war and death and disease. In looking at yesterdays headlines, most of the coverage took on the shootings in the US and Germany, political conflict, the financial crisis, and other very newsy (read sobering) topics)

Where are the stories that you want to read, about the father who helped deliver his wife’s baby, or the child who finally learned how to walk on his own, or that homeless girl who everyone said would drop out. I understand that without the worst of the news we would have no news. So today, instead of cleaning my eyeglasses with the foam of decay, disaster and death, I decided to wait for the sun, and its rays (in winter, these do not mean heat) and the morning sounds, of the ducks quacking in the morning, of the construction workers moving machinery and of my own rumbling tummy calling my attention to the pantry yonder. The sunrise brought with it a new awareness of the fact that compassion needs to arise in the world that we live in – and that there needs to be storytelling once again about tall, strong and wise warriors of our communities, if we are to survive.

Last week, sunrise came in my mailbox. I used to be quite the letter writer when I was younger, and I submitted many a letter in high school. So it came as quite a surprise when a letter came stamped from miles and a country or two away. So, I slit the envelope open and out popped a letter requesting some advice to give to a girl who lives in western Kenya, who the donor supports, who needed to get encouragement. See, this high school girl, who shares a name with one of my favorite gal pals from high school, and her younger sister, both want to be doctors, however, it is difficult to imagine how they will surmount the obstacles and become more than subsistence crop farmers as their kin. It brought me to the question – how does PS blog change perceptions, is it merely talk, or is there action. And, if I wax on about Kenya and Africa, what steps am I taking to concretely address the question of tangible action. What are some viable options for a girl who dreams, when she does not have a rich pocket to sustain her?

Sun rising – dreams that cannot be deferred – a challenge and a call to action – post International Women’s Day how can I stand by and just watch? Words are powerful and mine have travelled as far as I can imagine, so how is it that we can change lives with education particularly for these two girls ?


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