Where are they now?

Readers of this blog may have noticed that some of the folks that I have mentioned have gone on to even greater heights around the world.
I will try and update the original posts – but here is a quick recap of some of the folks who made the last three years rather memorable, and where they are now.

Apprentice Africa Favorites

I first wrote about my personal favorites for Apprentice Africa here when the show was aired in 2008, and hosted by Bank PHB in Nigeria. Well, since then, my two favorites have continued to enhance their presence by participating in several ventures across the continent.

a) Eddie Mbugua – is now the Bank PHB Investment Deputy Associate for East and Central Africa, and in an article in last November’s True Love magazine (N 08 Issue), he outlines his career path and credits his success to God, and to being raised by a strong mum. He is definitely one to watch.

b)Joyce Mbaya –

This lady is energetic, inspiring, and a truly great role model already. She has ventured into Brand Strategy and Project Management. I would be lying if I said that I could capture the essence of this terrific lady. Check out her website here: joycembaya.com

I have written extensively about Kenyan musicians whom I greatly admire:

a) Eric Wainaina – He has come a long way from the days of Five Alive. I once had the priviledge of singing the refrain to his song “Riitwa Riaku” with him for all of 30 seconds at a benefit for the Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya, have watched him perform in 2007 at the Arboretum in Nairobi, and remain a fan, believing that you should always follow your passion first and then, other things will follow. I have to say, though, that I would love to see more of his content online – In the mean, enjoy a great review by Kilimanjaro Entertainment (link)

b) Sara Mitaru –

This artist has recently been appointed as UN-Habitat Messenger of Truth. She is highlighted in this post(updated recently) Sara Mitaru is the new UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth. At a truly colorful ceremony, this honor was accorded Mitaru in recognition of her efforts in promoting the role of youth in the Habitat Agenda through entertainment and creative arts. You can read all about it – LINK HERE The host of the event, Under Secretary Anna Tibaijuka said this about Sara, “Ms Mitaru is a wonderful home-grown Afro-fusion singer and song writer known the world over for her music and singing and particularly her famous song, Woman from Africa. Her wonderful music builds around life, love, and change for the better in modern society.” Congratulations Sara! Please check out her music on Myspace or join the Facebook fan page for very current updates of Sara’s music.

Image Owned by Swarthmore College

Another lady to watch is the activist Stephanie Nyombayire, whose work with genocide activism truly inspires me. I first wrote here in 2007 about her journey to Darfur to highlight the dire situation which the world strenuously refused to call genocide. Stephanie has travelled to hundreds of schools to speak about the Darfur genocide and encourage them to use citizen tools in activism, she has reported from the Chad-Sudan border for MTV on Darfur and testified before the Texas State Commission about Darfur, which led to the passing of a move to divest totally from Sudan in Texas. Now, Stephanie is working with director Michael King on a documentary to shed light on heroic diplomats who saved the lives of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Check out more about this documentary here.

If you have more past blog highlights you would like me to update, let me know!


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