Back in 2012 – Getting Tech’y Again

It has been almost a year since I blogged here at projectsunshine.

I just feel like I woke up again – those who write know that feeling. It has been entirely too long, and yes, overdue.

I am so thankful to those who have made the adventure seeking worth the travel. And thanks for calling me back to one of my fave fave side projects – blogging

Writing in a blog has been one of the best ways to observe and record my studies, my travels, and so like a wandering traveler, I return to this post filled with tons to share. A few years ago, many of the bloggers I followed also took time off blogging to pursue personal projects, new locations and there are a host of amazing bloggers I discovered in the mean time.

Tech has taken off since I was last on here. I say this as I just spent a good portion of the last week sorting through cables, old equipment and also making the most of the tools that I have at present. Hello Recycling Bin!

1) Camera
2) Video
3) Tumblr
4) WordPress

And we are all set to go.

I am also so excited that I will be able to start talking about Cities. The TED 2012 prize this year went to City 2.0 and is the first time that the Prize has gone to an idea and not an individual or an organization. It shows that this year, there will be lots of talk, action and planning for the city of the future. This thrills me as an urbanist, and as someone who has also borrowed the world we live in from the next generation.

I leave you with a shot of my favorite local find here. Kenyan coffee served by the local JOE


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