Blogging at 2012 Mashable Social Good Conference

I’m live this weekend from the 3 Day Mashable Social Good conference sponsored by UN Foundation, Ericsson, Mashable, 92Y, UNDP and the Gates Foundation. I will be penning posts for Pulse + Signal which is ‘Highlighting New Ideas and Innovation’

In the 5 hours since we started, Peter Gabriel, women in wrestling, diplomats who tweet, pediatricians, Jeffersonian scholars, entrepreneurs, the man who champions ‘Reaspora‘ TMS Ruge, globe trotters and many more leaders have graced the stage.

Behind the packed house, is a team of translators live streaming 7 languages and a host of guests. We are live around the world trying to understand how technology can be used for good, ad hot to solve great global issues, from drought in the US and abroad, environmental awareness and malaria.

Follow the discussion via #SGSglobal and watch this space for more updates.



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