Hall Of Fame


Here is a digest of posts from the last 5 years.

Posts That Keep Coming Back

– About Me

– Sons of Lwala

– Dressing Africa, Dressing Africans and African Dress

– Apprentice Africa


– Beat Me A Picture: African Kids on TV

– Reporters: Get Kenyan Stories Right

– Kenya: Could You Feel This?


– Thinking Cap: An Unexamined Life – On Humanities in Higher Education

– A Period of Teachable Moments: Unwilling Learners (Black HistoryMonth Reflection)

– Taking Stock – Social Justice? or not

– The Comfort of the Daily Routine – Thoughts on Everyday Things

– Chai and Ngwaci(Sweet Potato) Hospitality – A Recipe For Simple breakfast


– Mama Lea Mtoto: Chakacha, Me and Taarab – Coastal Kenya’s Finest Music


– Film

– Keeping Mum (2005) Movie Review

– Rocky Horror Picture Show


– BOOK REVIEW: Unbowed, A Memoir by Wangari Maathai

– BOOK REVIEW Learning To Love Africa: My Journey to Harvard Business School


– Nameless Sings Salari

– Eric Wainaina, Twende Twende album


– For all the times – Friends Remembered and Celebrated

– Cousin Sisters – Tribute Post


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